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Military Fhting <i>Knives</i>/Collection

Military Fhting Knives/Collection Wanna quick sale; offer it up sht unseen for to 0, and it'll be OTD before ya can say "Gerber" . came in a orange and white box iirc, no mark II, no anything just the logo on one side and the serial number on the other..the black leather sheath.. Brought 'em up and compared the two with the Mk II I have now. Gerber Mark II---1967---Serial # 002158---Canted Blade. It has the orinal box, all papers and the optional leg strap. Fused Metal handle.

<i>Gerber</i> Legendary Blades - pedia

Gerber Legendary Blades - pedia Save ya the trouble of hauling it to shows and outtin' up w/the Golden Shit dealers and the low-ball offers. i also have it's little brother the boot knife model and a guardian.. No way would a "Mk I" fit in the box I thought was for the [mistakenly ed] Mk I, since it was labeled "Mk I". In my defense, there was the shipping label from when I got the orinal back from Gerber after repairs; so I assumedthat this was the Mk I box/knife After perusing the E-bay ads, historical , and knife sites; I STILL can't find the name of the orinal, other than Mk II. AFA blade shape/style; the best representation was on a Randall stag gripped custom; definately a non-serrated, wasp waist p-sticker. Gerber Legendary Blades is a maker of consumer knives and multitools headquartered in Tard, Oregon, United States, within the Portland metropolitan area.


PRODUCTION DATE INFORMATION - THE GERBER Mark II KNIFE There's a certain mystique asscociated with these blades. Bet I could average the prices out was about 5 for orinal "Mk IIs" (? Best, Paul BTW: I STILL don't think the orinal was ed the Mk II ! Date or production tables relate Gerber Mark II serial numbers to the years they were manufactured. Nine major and several minor tables/lists exist. However.

A Guide to Old Timer <i>Knives</i> Knife Depot

A Guide to Old Timer Knives Knife Depot OK, I'll have a go at this I owned an orinal, 1971 Mk I, Purchased in N. Philly in July that year for the grand sum of .00 I lost it sometime in 1976. ) boot knife for about the same $$ I bought a new Mk II from SG several years ago for .95 (closeout). For many, the mere mention of Old Timer knives elicits positive feelings of warm summer evenings wandering through the woods or whittling small trinkets on the.

<i>Gerber</i> Folding <i>Knives</i> - <i>Gerber</i> Tools

Gerber Folding Knives - Gerber Tools Slhtly different in blade style, but actually somewhat sturdier. With a history dating back to 1910, Gerber knives have been around for a century. Gerber knives are smooth opening, firm gripping, and razor sharp.

<i>Gerber</i> mark ii date table 01/05/08 - THE <i>GERBER</i> Mark II KNIFE

Gerber mark ii date table 01/05/08 - THE GERBER Mark II KNIFE Last b gunshow there were a couple of Mk I collector's series available. G E R B E R M A R K I I P R O D U C T I O N T A B L E 0 1 / 01 / 1 6. Made, Knife Name, Blade Shape, Blade Material, Blade Serrations, Handle Finish, Handle.

<strong>Gerber</strong> Remix Tactical - Folding Knife <strong>Gerber</strong> Gear

Gerber Remix Tactical - Folding Knife Gerber Gear One fella had the whole set of 4, in the case for the princely sum of 0 ! ANother had the same deal, 4 separate cases for IIRC 0/per. ) grip model in a case offered for 0 Next show, the bname knife dealer had 2 Gerber boot knives and wanted 0/per for them. Building off the success of our popular Remix Series, the Remix Tactical folding clip knife marries a broad three inch serrated tanto blade with our iconic.

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