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Review of Leonard Neidorf, ed. The Dating of The potential chronological book-ends of such a period shape much of the debate throughout the book, and the evidence ultimately suggests a hard sometime in the early ninth century AD. Bredehoft mobilizes insular Anglo-Saxon and continental Germanic metrical evidence both to demonstrate the relative antiquity of . Pascual, on the other hand, are primarily interested in the evolution of words and concepts in early medieval England. Siân Grønlie St Anne's College, University of Oxford the datinG of beowulf. a reaSSeSSment. Edited by leonard neidorf. D. S. Brewer. Cambridge, 2014. x + 250.

LEONARD NEIDORF, ed. The Dating of Beowulf A Reassessment. For example, Shippey argues that the metriy and situationally irregular (men) to which the word in question is usually amended (58–59). Mar 27, 2016. Thirteen contributors reconsider the dating of Beowulf, and each of them. Leonard Neidorf's polemical introduction traces a selective history of.

The Dating of Beowulf A Reassessment ed. by Leonard Neidorf. The importance of consning objective authority to probability in the absence of certainty is a sentiment echoed by both Dennis Cronan and Megan E. REVIEWS. 225. The Dating of Beowulf A Reassessment, ed. Leonard Neidorf Cambridge D. S. Brewer 262 pp. When was the epic Old English poem, Beowulf.

Leonard Neidorf, ed. The Dating of “Beowulf” A Reassessment. Hartman in their respective chapters on the genealogical and metrical dimensions of (177). Leonard Neidorf, ed. The Dating of “Beowulf” A Reassessment. Anglo-Saxon Studies 24. Cambridge, UK, and Rochester, NY D. S. Brewer, 2014. Pp. x, 250.

Leonard Neidorf, ed. The Dating of Beowulf A Reassessment - jstor As Drout argues, these faulty presuppositions embody the “unexpected consequences of the [1981] Toronto volume,” which has haunted Anglo-Saxon scholarship for over thirty years (176). Mercedes Salvador-Bello, "Leonard Neidorf, ed. The Dating of Beowulf A Reassessment," Modern Philology 113, no. 1 August 2015 E1-E3.

Neidorf, Dating of “Beowulf” Eric Weiskott George Clark’s chapter on metrical archaisms and transliteration errors in the manuscript echoes Drout’s contention that the 1980 Toronto conference was more the product of agenda-driven biases than objective deliberation, while papers by Joseph Harris, Thomas D. Bgs directly interrogate the onomastic, relious, and historical evidence in—and surrounding— Wales and the Medieval Colonial Imagination: The Matters of Britain in the Twelfth Century by Michael A. Feb 16, 2016. My review of The Dating of "Beowulf" A Reassessment, ed. Leonard Neidorf Cambridge D. S. Brewer, 2014, appears in the Review of.

Leonard Neidorf ed. The dating of Beowulf a 2015 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title The contributors' various methodologies are more cal and more objective than those of pre-1981 early-dating arguments, and collectively offer a cohesive and compelling case for Beowulf's early composition. Hough, C. 2015 Leonard Neidorf ed. The dating of Beowulf a reassessment. Nomina Journal of the Society for Name Studies in Britain and.

Philology, Allegory, and the Dating of Beowulf - Taylor Not only is this volume a necessary companion for the 1981 collection, it stands on its own as an introduction to key issues in the dating of Old English poetry. CHOICE --Choice This book will be a milestone, and deserves to be widely read. Edge about the dating of Beowulf and its extant manuscript that is entirely erroneous. In her view. *Leonard Neidorf, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Neidorf dating of beowulf:

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