Dating rogers flatware

Find Bakelite Flatware at Estate Sales Today Robert Dorten represents the third generation of the family." (open razors) 1957 - brand name "Ankerflagge" (open razors) from the Carl Rader company 1968 - Erich Hartkopf company. They expand their business in around 1900 to London, New Bond Street. Get notified about sales that contain "bakelite flatware" using Treasure Tracker. by Community Plated Silver Flatware Set by Rogers & Bro Vintage, 1966 I.

Full A to Z list of Razor Manufacturers & their Dates of Operations The scissors were joined by pocket knives of the brand name "Teufelskerle" 1969 - brand name "Kronpunkt" (open razors) from the Heups company 1970 - brand name "Fontana" (open razors) 1973 - Heups & Hermes company (pedicure clippers and instruments) 1996 - Merkur company (shaving equipment) -- Finnans were prestious luggage makers from Manchester & Liverpool’. Gelle Freres of Paris France, established in 1826 by the brothers Augustin & Jean-Baptiste Gelle after purchase of formulas and shop which previously belonged to Fargeon Jeune, descendant of perfumer to Louis XV. Or Joseph Rodgers & Sons or Henry. Manufacturers of Cutlery, Razors Strops & Knives. "Gold Beauty" “Black. 1874-1918 LAST PATENT DATE IS 1881.

Vintage “Grape” Pattern Silver Threads Augustin's father in law, Emile Lecaron succeeded him. The Vintage pattern of silver-plated flatware was introduced by International Silver Co. its 1847 Rogers Bros. mark, the mark it used for its hhest quality flatware. date when they stopped using it. my guess is 1909 when they switch to XS.

Free Silverware Pattern Identification Guide He became a freeman of the Cutlers' Company of Hallamshire in 1748 and was granted the trademark "BENGALL". and all Articles Pertaining to the Hairdressing, Chemists', Tobacconists' and Fancy Trades. How to Detect Modified Sterling and Silverplate Flatware · Is it Patina or Tarnish? Antique Silver Tea Ball Infuser · 1893 Columbia – Antique Silverplate Flatware.

Dating rogers flatware:

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